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Monday, January 30, 2006

Conflict or Disclosure of Interest?

I had a nice chat with SeEtta, who showed my how to post to the blog, concerning "Conflict of Interest" after our bylaw committee meeting. Like many terms of art, I think the phrase Conflict of Interest has a specific meaning in governmental law. I believe what we are seeking is Disclosure of Interests to help inform our discussion. To that end, I have added a Section 3, Article VI DECISION MAKING, in Draft #2 of the bylaws stating:

Section 3. Disclosure of Interests. The validity of consensus is derived from the collective understanding of each Member concerning both the issue and the perspective of fellow Members on that issue. Therefore, each Member is strongly encouraged to disclose any individual or representative interests pertinent to an issue at the earliest point in the Roundtable process.

My effort at a middle ground.