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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What is our interest?

I appreciate what SeEtta has written about conflict of interest. I like the idea that disclosure is at the core of our dealing with conflicts and that such disclosure is deemed a "responsibility" of membership. My question on her approach comes from the language defining interests. Can it be reasonably assumed that our interest in participating in the roundtable is to find those ideas, and resulting structural and non-structural projects, that best serve our common interest as a basin? In other words, if we assume everyone is there to advocate for an individual perspective or interest I don't think we are going to make any progress. If, on the other hand, we envision ourselves as being participants in a roundtable with the collective interest of the basin at heart, we may find areas of agreement and cooperation. Therefore, our disclosure of interests should be those which benefit us or our family members, not interests that diverge from our "appointed" ones. Let's have our participation on the Roundtable be guided by what is good for the basin and the State of Colorado in the face of inevitable growth and change. We can try to shape that change to preserve our community values, rather than bring our individual axes for grinding.