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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Edit on Brush Hollow birding

Edit on 11-2-05--My apologies, I posted this to the wrong blog (I have several). I did delete the photo as it takes a lot of space but didn't want to elimate the post yet since Lissa's post refers to it. I will be more careful in future and not bore you with my birding experiences. SeEtta Moss

Today I drove out to Brush Hollow Reservoir which is located about 12 miles northeast of Canon City, near the little town of Penrose. The water in this small lake, which is an irration storage reservoir, is quite low and there was good muddy shoreline so I was hopeful of finding some late migrating shorebird. But the only shorebirds were killdeer like the one in this photo.

In addition to 20+ Killdeer, the lake area produced several Ring-billed Gulls, a few teal ducks, and 2 dark-headed geese (probably Canada Geese but too distant to rule out the recently split Cackling Goose).

However, I did find a Loggerhead Shrike in the upland area that is a State Wildlife Area. Though not rare, this species is very uncommon in Fremont County. SeEtta