Arkansas Basin Roundtable

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another try...

Here's another try on a mission statement built on those posted below:

>The mission of the Arkansas Basin Roundtable is to work collaboratively, with both an inter-basin and intra-basin scope, to provide an assessment of water supply needs and to propose projects and methods to meet those needs in sustainable ways that balance the agricultural, recreational, municipal and environmental interests of the basin. This Roundtable will also serve as a forum for public involvement on water matters in this basin.>

And I agree with Jane about using legal wording in our Bylaws. Many of us come from professions that have our own language that facilitates communication between those of us in the same profession. It is my experience that legalize does not facilitate communication with those of us outside of the legal profession. There is already a legal document associated with our Roundtable and that is HB-1177 which is written in legalize. I would like our Bylaws to be written in plain English--this will allow those involved to understand and participate more fully.
SeEtta Moss