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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Post from Gary Barber

Posted at request of Gary Barber:

"SeEtta: I read your posting. The issue looks entirely different to me, it
seems you are trying to take the "wet out of the ocean." By that I mean that
everyone in the room has an "interest," hence the requirement by the statute
that the Roundtable include out of basin water right's holders as nonvoting
members. As we get to know each other, the interests will become apparent.
Whatever consensus we achieve needs to be arrived at by having everyone one in
room, not restricting the debate. Otherwise, we are headed for what Thomas
Jefferson deemed "the tyranny of the majority."

I perceive conflict of interest to be an issue of monetary compensation
derived from a potential proposed project. My understanding of the Roundtable
process is to bring our narrow interests directly into conflict in a crucible
produces a solution that serves the basin. To achieve that end, all voices
need to stay in the same room. GB"