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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interbasin Representatives election problem

The Bylaws Subcommittee agreed to conduct the election of the Arkansas Basin interbasin representatives in a stepwise fashion and presented this to the December Roundtable meeting. The full Roundtable voted to accept this election rule. During the subsequent election of interbasin representatives, we followed the procedure in electing Alan Hamel on the 1st vote. We also followed the rule in the 2nd vote by eliminating one of the candidates who failed to get sufficient votes. Unfortunately we subsequently failed to follow the rule in determining that Jeris Danielson was the second interbasin representative.

At the Bylaws Subcommittee meeting yesterday, the consensus of our group agreed that due to this failure to follow the election rules in the Bylaws it was necessary to conduct a revote the election of the second interbasin representative. Since Alan Hamel's election as the 1st interbasin representative elected did follow the election rule, it is unnecessary to revote his position. And since the 2nd vote was conducted in accordance the rule, the revote will be done beginning at the 3rd vote.

The Bylaws Subcommittee members agreed to contact the other members who were candidates for an interbasin representative position to apprise them of the revote and notify them that they have the opportunity for 5 minute presentation to the Roundtable in order to refresh everyone about each candidate's qualifications for the position.

The Bylaws Subcommittee apologies for this failure to follow the rules our own committee agreed to and want to make clear that it was accidental. As new groups of individuals coming together to develop bylaws and take on a new process, we accept that are subject to making errors. We will be more vigilant in the future.
SeEtta Moss, Bylaws Subcommittee member