Arkansas Basin Roundtable

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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Although I believe that if the Roundtables become effective in Colorado water decisions, as they are so invisioned, that such statutorily derived definitions of "conflict of interest" will be essential to the integrity of decision making, for the sake of compromise I can live with a Bylaws section on disclosure. However, if disclosure will only be "recommended" I cannot reconcile why we would also not use the same language (recommend instead of require) for attendance at Roundtable meetings.

The only reason that attendance is crucial to the Roundtables is related to their becoming effective in Colorado water decisions. If disclosure is sufficiently unimportant that it can be "recommended" instead of "required", then so should attendance at Roundtable meetins. On the other hand if we believe that attendance at meetings is sufficiently crucial to an "effective" Roundtable process, then so should disclosure and it should be "required" not merely "recommended".