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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What is "our" interest

I always appreciate the efforts Gary puts into the Roundtable but I have a very different perception of what constitutes "our" interests. That which is in the best interest of one family may well be not in the interest of another family--I think that is why we are in the bad shape we are in. And that is also why I think it is essential that persons be made responsible to declare their interests. Again, as I said in above examples, we might have someone who ostensibly is representing the interests of the group they were elected/appointed to represent, but they promote a project that is opposite those known interests because they have some personal financial interest that is not known--this may well be in the interest of their family as they may make hundreds of thousands of dollars from the project, but it is not something that is in the interest of their group or this basin.

So I must disagree with Gary's propositions. Although he makes a case for assuming everyone has pure motives to promote what is best for the basin, that is clearly unrealistic. I cannot understand why anyone who is concerned for the interests of the basin as a whole would have any objections to a rule that says people are responsible to disclose other interests. If no one ends up with these other interests, then there would be no need for disclosure and no issue. I think that finding out later that people hid their personal interests would be what sabotages this process.